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Bathroom Renovation: Create a Timeless Look


A bathroom renovation that creates a timeless atmosphere will keep you relaxed and feeling luxurious in your bathroom for years to come. Timeless designs are typically created using classic or traditional elements that are intended to not go out of style. Designing a bathroom in a timeless way can keep you from having to make more frequent updates just to stay on trend.

When designing your bathroom, it’s important to consider how certain elements make you feel. You want to make sure you feel relaxed in this space. Read on for ways to create a timeless look that will keep you happy with your bathroom for years ahead.


White is typically considered a timeless color and will create a streamlined look when used correctly. Using neutral tones is another great option for creating a timeless look with your bathroom renovation. Keep in mind that bold colors can also create timeless feel – and paint is something that can easily be updated should you decide you need a color change.

Another consideration, if you’re a fan of vibrant and bright color, you can use bright-colored towels, shower curtains and other textiles to keep your bathroom vibe bright and fresh. These items are less expensive and typically need to be replaced regularly anyway, so this an area where you can show more personality or adopt more trendy ideas.


Besides color, using certain textures and tones will create serenity in your bathroom.  Some options include textured or natural stone, wood panelling, and using three-dimensional wall treatments.

Bathroom Counters and Vanity

Prioritizing counter space can make a big difference in creating a classic, timeless bathroom design. Marble countertops create a luxurious feel but if you are on a budget, natural stone is also a satisfying option.

Another way to create a timeless feel is by using a sleek-looking vanity. A pedestal sink is a streamlined timeless option. If you need storage space that would typically be under the vanity, you can use this opportunity to add interesting storage containers (try wooden cubes to add more texture).


If it’s possible to splurge in any area, upgrading to high-quality fixtures that look sleek, with clean lines and functional material can spruce up your bathroom design in a grand way. Try a high-quality shower head or faucet in brass, nickel or chrome.


Neutral-colored-tile creates a timeless look in the bathroom. As far as tile design, a subway or hexagonal design is a good traditional option.


Keep in mind the colors and tones of your soap dish, towel bar and textiles. These items will influence the overall feel of the bathroom and are more affordable to change out and replace. Feel free to add color and a touch of your personality!


These are only a few ideas of how to create a timeless bathroom design for a bathroom remodeling project. Weinstein Supply Broomall carries a variety of fixtures, tiles, and vanities that can help you create a serene environment that will keep you feeling luxurious in your bathroom. Schedule your consultation today so we can help you design your “timeless-style” bathroom!