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Bathroom Sink Design Guide

How to choose the right bathroom sink

The bathroom sink is an essential component to the functionality of the room. All bathroom sinks and faucets serve the same function of bringing water into and removing from the space. However, a perfectly paired sink and faucet can be the perfect accent to any bathroom design.

Bathroom Sink Sizes

Bathroom sinks come in a variety of different sizes. In a compact bathroom, powder room or half bath, the size of the room may dictate which type of sinks will fit into the space. In larger bathrooms vanities may be more appropriate in order to fill the space.

Sink Installation Type

Drop In

Top Mount sinks “drop in” to an existing hole in the countertop or vanity top. These are typically easiest to install and can be installed with any type of countertop.

Undermount Sink

Undermount sinks are mounted to the bottom of the countertop. They are frequently installed with granite, stone, quartz and similar vanity or countertops.

Pedestal Sink


Are sinks that are part of the countertop itself. Usually part of a top specifically made to fit a vanity. These minimalistic sinks allow for maximum levels of clean as there is no seam between the countertop and the sink.


Sit on top of the countertop (above counter) or slightly below and slightly above the countertop. Vessel sinks come in a wide variety of materials.

Wall Hung Sink

Installed directly to the wall & save floor space. No storage and exposed plumbing

Console Table Sinks

Wall mounted sinks that sit on 2 or 4 legs for support. Plumbing is exposed but some storage can be offered via a towel bar or shelf on the bottom

Bathroom Sink Materials

China, Fireclay, Porcelain

Ceramic clay materials. Very common, easy to clean and maintain.


Made of stainless steel, copper & brass. Very durable & difficult to damage. Can show hard water spots


Tempered glass to increase strength and durability. Can also show hard water spots

Cast Iron

Made of enameled cast iron. Usually available in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Easy to maintain but can rust if enamel is chipped

Solid Surface & Stone

Can be made as an integral sink from the same material as the counter top or can be made from stone materials such as concrete and other naturally occurring stones.

Bathroom Sink Colors

Bathroom sinks come in a wide variety of colors in order to complement any bathroom or create a statement. The material and installation type of the sink may determine which colors are available for each particular sink.