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Bathroom Sink Faucet Design Guide

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Faucet
A bathroom sink faucet can be one of the smallest sized elements in the room, but a well-designed and expertly paired bathroom sink faucet can make a huge impact on the design of any bathroom.

Bathroom Sink Faucet Types

Single Hole Faucets

Feature a spout and handle on the faucet body. The handle controls both the volume and temperature of the water output. For use with sinks or countertops that have one hole.

4” Centerset Faucets

Typically a two handle design in which the spout and handles are all connected to a singular body. Compact design perfect for small spaces. Some models available with single handle options. For use with sinks or counter tops with three separate holes that measure 4” apart.

8” Widespread Faucets

Disconnected handles and spout. Fits well on larger vanities or in larger bathrooms. For use with sinks or counter tops with three separate holes that measure 8” apart.

Wall Mount Faucets

Mounts on the wall behind the sink. Usually consists of two handles and a spout, all separately mounted to a valve concealed behind the wall. Works well with sinks mounted above the counter, but also works with undermount or partially undermounted sinks.

Vessel Filler Faucets

Feature a taller faucet body and higher spout to accommodate above counter sinks. Usually operated by a single handle, but some models come with two handles

Bathroom Sink Faucet Handle Types

Lever Handles

Most common type of handles. Straight levers are easy to operate for users across varying degrees of ability

Cross Handles

Feature a cross or “t” shape for an eye catching design. Usually featured on two handle designs. Not as easy to use and generally not approved for ADA applications. Can be easy to use with wet hands.

Knob Handles

Knob that can be round or oval. Sometimes made of acrylic. Similarly to cross handles, they are less easy to use than lever handles and generally not approved for ADA applications.

Other Considerations

Who will be using the bathroom?

This is especially important when choosing handle types. Lever handles are much easier to control for children and older adults. If the faucet is for a commercial space or a bathroom that needs to be ADA compliant, this may dictate what type of faucet is able to be installed.

Is an existing bathroom sink model being replaced or is this a new install?

Are there shelves or a medicine cabinet above the existing sink? Does the number of holes in the existing sink correspond to the new faucet? Can the plumbing be rerouted to allow for a wall mount installation?

Finish the design!

The finish of the faucet and other metals in your bathroom can have a large impact on the feel of the room. Different hues and levels of polish can have dramatically different effects on the overall design. Finishes can be mixed and matched or coordinated throughout the space. Be aware that some finishes can vary slightly by manufacturer.