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Kitchen Design Common Myths


Embarking on a kitchen design project can seem like a daunting task. Figuring out lay outs, appliances, budget, and which contractor to use are just some of the considerations you need to evaluate. There are some common misconceptions when it comes to kitchen remodeling that can cause issues when completing a project. We’ve compiled a list of seven myths that should help alleviate some of that planning stress and allow you to seamlessly execute your kitchen remodeling project.

Myth 1: Cutting Corners is Often Necessary in Order to Stay on Budget

When planning out your kitchen design, people can often cut corners to try to save money. Remember, your kitchen is a highly-trafficked area of the home and you need to use it for years to come. You can focus on quality and function without cutting corners. There are often well-priced options for appliances, countertops, sinks, cabinetry, etc. that will not break the bank but still give you high-quality products that will work for many years in the future. Look for the best options that you can afford.

Myth 2: You Can Add on Extras at a Later Date

It is best to complete your kitchen remodeling project all at once. The issue with waiting until later to upgrade your appliances, cabinets or countertops is that models change often and you could have an issue with continuity later on. Not only is technology is constantly changing, but supply chain issues could also effect availability of items you thought you could purchase later but end up not being available when you decide to do the update. 

Myth 3: Remodeling Projects Take Forever

This is only the case when there is a lack of planning. If you decide on all of your options ahead of time and pick a reliable contractor, kitchen remodeling projects should not drag on. 

Myth 4: Contractors are Trying to Scam You

This is not the case with almost all contractors but a few bad ones have given the rest a bad reputation. While there is always a chance you can run into a contractor with a lack of ethics, most will not try to rip you off. You can avoid getting stuck with a bad contractor by doing your research before making a decision on who to use. Make sure you read reviews and look at pictures of a contractor’s previous work. In addition, working with a design firm can also help you avoid running into a contractor who could try to scam you. Design firms have vetted contractors and will assign you one that is best suited to work on your project.

Myth 5: It’s Best to Buy from Well-Known Big Brands

While these stores typically have good reputations and affordable options, you will often end up experiencing higher wait times due to their large customer base. You typically will find fast turn around times and even lower prices at local businesses. Read reviews and find a local business that can deliver. Smaller local businesses will typically give you more attention and be able to focus on detail more than a big-name brand.

Myth 6: Custom Cabinetry is Better

If you are not working with a budget, custom cabinetry could be the way to go. However, most people are working with a budget and don’t realize that they can be just as happy with standard kitchen cabinets. Cabinets comes in various sizes, styles, finishes and modification styles so it often is just as functional and aesthetically satisfying to go with standard cabinets that won’t break the bank

Myth 7: You Need to Have a Kitchen Island

While a kitchen island can be useful and give you more countertop space to prepare meals, they can sometimes be unnecessary and take up too much space. If your kitchen is smaller, an island could end up just getting in your way. Furthermore, you may already have enough counter space without an island, so adding one would just cut you off from being to move about freely. 


Kitchen design projects can be an overwhelming endeavor with many decisions that need to be made. Planning in advance and not cutting corners will help you be satisfied the execution of the project, and happy with your kitchen for years to come. If you need assistance starting your kitchen remodel, get in touch with the experts at Weinstein Supply Broomall to begin planning your dream kitchen.

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