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Kitchen Trends for Cozy Winter Months

Cozy Kitchen for Winter

Keeping up with seasonal kitchen trends is a fun way to spruce up your kitchen that does not require a large budget. A cozy kitchen will make the room more inviting for eating and gathering during those chilly winter months. We’ve compiled a list of affordable things you can do to “cozy up” your kitchen and make your kitchen a happy and comforting place to be!

Add ambient lighting and/or under cabinet lighting

Ambient lighting or under-cabinet/countertop lights to create a relaxing feel for the whole kitchen. This will create a more subtle glow in the kitchen. Especially if the lights can be dimmed or set at different brightness levels.

You can also use twinkle lights to give your kitchen to give the room a winter sparkle. These are typically inexpensive and battery-operated, an easy way to add a wintery ambience to your kitchen.

Make it “smell like the holidays” and leave food out like desserts and fruit. Or burn seasonal candles.

Make your kitchen inviting by leaving out deliciously inviting food such as cake or ripe fruit. Encourage everyone in your home to meet for a snack at a certain time to catch up and enjoy a tasty treat in your cozy kitchen.

Add rugs and upholstered furniture

Other kitchen trends to make your kitchen cozy is to add soft rugs and upholstered furniture. The extra fabric and feels make the room seem warmer, whether it’s a warm cushion to sit on or a soft and fuzzy rug under your feet. (Or both!)

Add plants and/or dried flowers

Bring in seasonal plants such as an ivy or Christmas cactus or use artificially green plants if you’d prefer. The winter greenery will add cheer and make the kitchen livelier and more vibrant.

Display pinecones and add/use items with gold or copper tones

Seasonal objects and aesthetics like decorative pinecones or gold/copper dish-wear can also add elegance to your kitchen during the winter months. Display the pinecones in a glass jar or vase. Use a copper or gold-toned tea kettle to enhance your hot beverage routine.

Use white tones and/or wood tones

White accessories or decorations brighten the room, (and match the snow outside!) Wood tones can also bring warmth to the room. Try using wooden cooking utensils or a wooden bowl to display fruit or use wooden picture frames.

Add personal items like kids’ pics and artwork

Sentimental items or homemade creations make the kitchen your own and bring a sense of familiarity and warmth to the room. Family members tend to gather in and around the kitchen in the winter months whether it’s for the holidays or simply because it is too cold to gather outdoors. This is a great time to catch up on each other’s lives and enjoy quality time together. Having your personal items, creations, or family’s creations on display in your kitchen adds your own unique touch and warmth. Plus, these items can spark interesting conversations between friends and family!


These are just a few affordable kitchen trends that you can use to make your kitchen warmer and cozier. Winter months can drag on, but if you keep your highly trafficked rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom as inviting places to be, you will feel more comforted in your home.

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