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Picking Your Perfect Kitchen Sink

The saying may go “everything but the kitchen sink” but don’t let that fool you – a kitchen sink can be one of the most important choices you make when designing or remodeling your kitchen. Whether you’re preparing food or cleaning up after a meal, the kitchen sink is a centerpiece of almost any activity in the space.

Installation Type

Top Mount or “Drop In” Sinks

Top Mount sinks “drop in” to an existing hole in the counter top. These are typically easiest to install and are often installed with laminate counter tops.

Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks are mounted to the bottom of the counter. They are installed with granite, stone, quartz and similar counter tops. Undermount sinks are becoming increasingly popular because of both their attractive looks and the ability to clean countertops directly into the bowl.

Tile In Sinks

Tile in sinks are designed to be installed in kitchen counters with tile. As a result, they have squared off edges to fit nicely with the counter top tiles

Integrated Sinks

Integrated or integral sinks bring minimalism to new levels. They are part of the counter top itself. These minimalistic sinks allow for maximum levels of clean as there is no seam between the countertop and the sink. They are completely custom made and add a statement to any kitchen. However, in order to replace an integrated sink, the entire countertop must be changed.

Bowl Configuration

Single Bowl Sinks

Single bowl sinks have a classic look and provide a large workspace to fill or wash dishes. They generally take up less space than double sinks and can be more cost effective.

Double Bowl Sinks

Double bowl sinks can come in a variety of different styles to fit the functionality you need. The two bowls can be of equal size, allowing plenty of versatility. Double bowl sinks can also come with two unequally sized bowls. Typically the larger of these would be used for washing and rinsing and the smaller for prep or drying.

Type of Material

Cast Iron Sinks

Cast Iron sinks are both stylish and extremely durable. They can be made in a variety of colors and styles.

Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel sinks are an affordable, versatile and easy to clean option for almost any kitchen. They come in a variety of styles & are rust and stain resistant. Many also are equipped with scratch & sound resistant coating.

Composite Sinks

Usually made of granite or a similar material, these sinks are extremely durable and scratch resistant. These sinks are often available in a variety of colors and textures and provide a compliment to stone or composite countertops

Apron Front Sinks

One of the biggest kitchen design trends is a farmhouse style kitchen and no farmhouse kitchen is complete without an apron front sink. These sinks, sometimes called farmhouse sinks, are distinguished by their front apron. They can be cast iron or stainless steel, undermount, top mounted or tile-in but all feature that classic Americana style. Aprons of varying sizes can be chosen to fit new or existing cabinetry.

Additional Options

Kohler Smart Divide Sinks

Smart Divide sinks have two bowls but the divider between them is lower than the depth of the bowls. It allows space similarly to a single bowl sink but still maintains the functionality of a double bowl sink.


Kohler makes a full line of accessories to maximize the functionality of your sink. They include:

  • Sink racks & baskets
  • Cutting boards
  • Soap & lotion dispensers
  • Colanders

Staff Favorites

Pete K – showroom manager

Prolific (K-23652-NA)

Doesn’t get more functional or versatile than Prolific. This sink has it all. It provides a huge workspace and any accessory you can imagine to use it. Whether you’re a chef or just in charge of dinner for the night, Prolific will make your life easier.

Tom H – inside sales

Kohler Whitehaven (K-6489-0)

Sometimes less is more. Whitehaven is a classic farmhouse sink with one bowl. It allows for a huge workspace and Kohler cast iron holds up great.

Kyle L – counter sales

Luxart Near Zero Radius Double Bowl 60/40 Apron Front (LXAFD881)
I love how this apron front sink combines modern stainless steel with the classic farmhouse look. The larger bowl is perfect for washing pots and pans and the smaller is great for food prep. I love the option to buy the sink grid to protect the sink.

Anthony M – counter sales

Double Bowl 50/50 Low Divide Undermount (LX442075)

I have this sink in my house and I love it. It looks great but more importantly it is easy to maintain and can’t be scratched or stained. The low divide allows plenty of space and the equal sized bowls provide plenty of flexibility.