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Upgrade Your Bathroom for Winter Months

Upgrade bathroom for Winter Weinstein Supply Broomall

Upgrade your bathroom for the winter months ahead by adding a few elements that make the room more cozy and luxurious. As the weather gets chilly and we spend more time at homer and indoors, being warm and cozy at home becomes more important. The bathroom is no exception so here are several ideas to make your bathroom a more comfortable and warm place for those winter months.

Most of these are simple and affordable updates that will “cozy up” your bathroom, but we added a couple of more elaborate options at the end. 

Simple Ways to Add Luxury 

Replace Your Bath Mat

Replace your tired bath mat with a new, fresh bathmat. Find one with a new color or pattern that brings vibrance to your bathroom. You can splurge on a bathmat with high-quality fabrics or find an affordable option that will likely work just as well!

Add a bathtub tray

Adding a tray across a bathtub is an easy addition that can be used in a variety of ways, both functional and aesthetic. You can use the tray to display decorative things or keep items that you use for bathing or personal care. Select a tray that coordinates with the rest of your bathroom and display whatever you’d like on the tray; candles, flowers, or other trinkets that make you feel happy and warm in your bathroom.

Add flowers, artwork, or hanging plants

Any plant-life and color additions will give your bathroom an energy lift. A colorful painting that makes you smile can be great to look at in the morning when you’re getting ready!

Get a shower bench

Are you so tired first thing in the morning that even standing becomes a chore? Adding a shower bench will provide added comfort in the morning as you can start your shower sitting down until the warm water wakes you. This doesn’t need to be an expensive option either, anything that is sturdy enough to support you and is water resistant will work.

Buy New Towels to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Replacing old and tired towels with fluffy and fresh new towels is another simple way to add comfort to your bathroom. 

Use Luxurious Scents

Get some potpourri, candles, or bath soaps that smell pleasant to you. Lavender is a great scent and known to aid relaxation. Try scents such as apple or pine to coordinate with the smells of the season. 

Get a new shower head

Replacing your showered with a better version can make your shower more luxurious. Try popular rainfall showerhead. Additionally, you can purchase a shower filter that will rid your water of harmful chemicals such as chlorine and sulfur that can cause dry skin and damage hair.

Contain and Organize Your Things

Tidying up your organization and keeping your personal items contained can make your bathroom feel bigger because of the reduction in clutter. This can also aid peace of mind. 

More Elaborate Ways to Add Luxury

Upgrade Lighting

Replacing lighting or upgrading to a better quality light set up will improve the overall feel of luxury in your bathroom. You can try sconce lighting on either side of your vanity for a subtle and different ambience. Lights that dim are useful in the morning when you are in the shower and need the lights low until your eyes are more awake. 

Replace your Bathroom Vanity

A fresh vanity that is customized to your needs and taste can make the entire bathroom feel brand new. A free-standing vanity can give a small bathroom an elegant look, while built-in vanities allow for storage and work better in larger bathrooms.


We hope these ideas make you realize just a few simple updates can make a difference in making your bathroom environment more cozy and relaxing. If you need help with a bathroom upgrade or remodel, come visit our showroom or call us at 610-544-3977 to schedule your appointment. 

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