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Using Natural Materials in Your Bathroom and Kitchen


Bring nature into your home by incorporating natural materials into your bathroom and kitchen designs. By working with more natural materials, like hardwoods, stone, and bamboo, to name a few, you can enjoy the enduring appeal of natural design as well as the refreshing calmness of the outdoors. At Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Broomall, we will help you to find the bathroom and kitchen fixtures that you need for any design.

copper-farm-sink-weinstein-bath-kitchen-showroomAdd Soothing Natural Elements to Your Bathroom

For components like the bathroom sink and bathroom vanity, natural options abound, from Kohler’s artisan-crafted glass bathroom sinks or marble bathroom sinks to Bertch bath vanities featuring custom hardwoods to stone, copper or nickel sinks from Native Trails.

As you work natural appeal into your bathroom, think strategically about how to approach the design for a cohesive look. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Increase the natural light into your space to infuse energy.
  • Opt for relaxing earth tones for your color scheme.
  • Include greenery by decorating with live plants that not only cheer up but purify the room.

alden-in-birchEnhance Your Kitchen with a Touch of the Outdoors

Explore the impact of outdoor elements in your kitchen with wood kitchen cabinets in a variety of materials like oak, hickory, and birch; try granite/quartz composite KOHLER kitchen sinks. Create a stunning centerpiece in your kitchen with a farmhouse sink made of NativeStone or Copper. Mix and match materials in the kitchen, perhaps bamboo flooring with natural rock walls and quartz countertops.

Other places to incorporate natural materials include the backsplash, dining room table, and the kitchen island – maybe think about using materials like natural stone or exposed brick, limestone, and granite.

Explore Natural Materials at Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Broomall

We stock hundreds of products made with natural materials at the Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom. With our full-delivery service, you can trust that our team at the Weinstein showroom in Broomall PA will help you to transform your kitchen and bathroom into a space that you love walking into and using every day. Find out how our consultants can help you to choose the kitchen and bath materials that best fit your personal style by scheduling an appointment with us!