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Half-Bathroom Remodeling Design Guide

Pedestal Sink in Half Bathroom | Weinstein Supply Broomall

Whether you are completing a half-bathroom remodeling project in your current home, or designing your half-bath for a new home, there are several considerations you should take to ensure the project is executed seamlessly.

Will You Need a Plumber or Contractor?

Typically a bath-remodel involves removing old and adding new fixtures like a toilet or sink, so you will want to hire a professional plumber or contractor to make sure the remodel is completed safely and up to code. They will help plan out your design to minimize the chances of anything going awry and certified to complete the project. Make sure to read reviews and ask the contractor about previous work to ensure they are qualified.   

Elements to Consider in Your Half-Bath Remodel

There are several categories of consideration when completing your remodel or design project. Remember, a half-bath is often near public spaces, so having proper ventilation and a loud fan is a necessity. Besides this, you can upgrade your tile and/or flooring, cabinetry, fixtures like your toilet sink and faucet, and other features for accessibility and function such as placement of your towel rack.

Tile and Flooring

Tile is a great option for your half-bathroom. Using larger tiles can make a small bathroom seem bigger. Ceramic tile and natural stone are two popular options. You can also opt to have heated tiles to keep your feet warm on cold mornings. (You will want to make sure to have these on an automatic timer so they begin warming up before your morning bathroom routine.)

Cabinetry and Color

Having some cabinets in your half-bathroom design is useful for storage and keeping the room orderly. Keep in mind though, you often do not store personal products in a half-bathroom, as these are typically stored in a full bathroom or closet. You may still want to keep cleaning products in a cabinet under the sink. Or, if you opt for pedestal or wall-mount sink to save space in your half-bath, you can keep cleaning products in the laundry room or another area. 

White and lighter colors are typically best to use in bathrooms. A colored accent wall can add a “pop” to your bathroom. But keep in mind that deep colors can often make the room feel smaller and closed-in. Using lighter colors is often a best practice in half-bathroom remodeling projects. 

Bathroom Fixture Upgrades

Updating your toilet, sink, faucet, and lighting will typically make your half-bath seem more modern and functional. 


  • A pedestal sink can help you save room in a small space. 
  • A wall-mounted sink will help you save even more space and simply mounts to the wall.
  • Undermount sinks work well with marble or stone countertops and attach to the cabinet below the sink.
  • Drop-in sinks attach from the countertop of the sink. There are often budget-friendly options for drop-in sinks.
  • Vessel bathroom sinks are free-standing basins that sit on top of counters. This makes your sink look separate from the vanity itself and gives the room more form.

You will also want to consider the type of faucet that will work best for your half-bath, as well as lighting options. 

Accessibility and Function

Don’t forget to consider things like towel racks, hooks and where these should be placed to maximize function. If you do need storage space in your bathroom, consider wall cabinets or a sink that allow for storage underneath. 


Weinstein Kitchen & Bath Showroom in Broomall can assist you with your bathroom remodeling project. They offer a variety of brands for fixture options and will discuss your ideas to come up with a plan that makes your half-bathroom a pleasant room to occupy. Get in touch with one of their friendly experts to start your half-bathroom design planning.