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Single-Control Faucets: An Ideal Choice for the Ultra-Modern Bathroom

single-control faucets

For an ultra-modern home, décor details matter to maintain the best look. You will want to ensure a consistent style from room to room. In your guest or master bathroom, for example, to keep it chic and modern, even the faucets should reflect the same style as the rest of your home. An excellent choice to preserve that particular look is to opt for single-control faucets.

3 Gorgeous and Modern Finishes for Single-Control Faucets

Black Matte Single-Control Faucets

Choosing black matte as the finish for your faucets will add sophistication, along with a distinctive look, to any ultra-modern bathroom. For a truly gorgeous appearance, you should opt for single-control, black faucets with sleek lines and subtle curves. Using such a design and finish with a thin profile spout and handle, for instance, will reflect a modern aesthetic that will perfectly match the rest of your décor. Also, this type of black faucet will look quite innovative, impressing everyone who sees it.

single-control faucet

Polished Chrome Single-Control Faucets

The beauty and shine of polished chrome remains a popular choice with many homeowners and will always look elegant in an ultra-modern bathroom. A single-control, chrome faucet design with a beautiful waterfall trough, for example, is one excellent choice that will showcase the chrome finish to perfection. Your entire family will love such a polished and unique look in your bathrooms. This design of faucet is also water-efficient, easily matches other bathroom hardware, and will add exceptional style to a guest or master bathroom.

Brushed-Nickel Single-Control Faucets

For a genuinely chic appearance in an ultra-modern bathroom, try brushed nickel faucets for each of your sinks. Select a single-control, brushed-nickel design with a curved pipe coming out of the base, for instance, for a marvelous look. A peg-like control handle on top will add interest to the style and provide ease of use for young and old alike. Brushed nickel looks not only modern but also quite expensive in a home. This type of design and finish will catch the eye of everyone with its gorgeous, satin-like appearance.

When working with an ultra-modern design in a bathroom, every detail should reflect that style. As such, single-control faucets are a perfect choice to maintain that look. These faucets also allow more space than a 3-hole design. Because of this, your vanity will always appear cleaner and quite spacious. For help finding the perfect single-control faucets for your bathroom, contact the Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom today. From selecting the right faucet to creating a beautiful design for a modern bathroom, our design experts are here to help.