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Bathroom Renovation: Create a Timeless Look

A bathroom renovation that creates a timeless atmosphere will keep you relaxed and feeling luxurious in your bathroom for years to come. Timeless designs are typically created using classic or traditional elements that are intended to not go out of style. Designing a bathroom in a timeless way can keep you from having to make more frequent updates just to stay on trend.

When designing your bathroom, it’s important to consider how certain elements make you feel. You want to make sure you feel relaxed in this space. Read on for ways to create a timeless look that will keep you happy with your bathroom for years ahead.

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Planning Your Kitchen Renovation: A Guide

Are you planning a kitchen renovation? Not sure how to budget for your kitchen renovation? Your kitchen is the area where family members typically gather the most, so you want to make sure it is not only functional, but feels warm and inviting. The average cost for a full kitchen renovation can range from $20,000-$50,000. Planning all aspects of the project ahead of time is recommended in order to minimize surprises once the project begins and to keep your total cost as close to budget as possible. 

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Kitchen Trends for Cozy Winter Months

Keeping up with seasonal kitchen trends is a fun way to spruce up your kitchen that does not require a large budget. A cozy kitchen will make the room more inviting for eating and gathering during those chilly winter months. We’ve compiled a list of affordable things you can do to “cozy up” your kitchen and make your kitchen a happy and comforting place to be!

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Upgrade Your Bathroom for Winter Months

Upgrade your bathroom for the winter months ahead by adding a few elements that make the room more cozy and luxurious. As the weather gets chilly and we spend more time at homer and indoors, being warm and cozy at home becomes more important. The bathroom is no exception so here are several ideas to make your bathroom a more comfortable and warm place for those winter months.

Most of these are simple and affordable updates that will “cozy up” your bathroom, but we added a couple of more elaborate options at the end. 

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Kitchen Design Common Myths

Embarking on a kitchen design project can seem like a daunting task. Figuring out lay outs, appliances, budget, and which contractor to use are just some of the considerations you need to evaluate. There are some common misconceptions when it comes to kitchen remodeling that can cause issues when completing a project. We’ve compiled a list of seven myths that should help alleviate some of that planning stress and allow you to seamlessly execute your kitchen remodeling project.

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Half-Bathroom Remodeling Design Guide

Whether you are completing a half-bathroom remodeling project in your current home, or designing your half-bath for a new home, there are several considerations you should take to ensure the project is executed seamlessly.

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Considerations for Your Kitchen Design

Updating your kitchen design can seem like an overwhelming task, involving decisions on faucets, cabinets, countertops, sinks, and lighting. Weinstein Kitchen and Bath Showroom encourages you to read their kitchen design checklist to make sure you remember key considerations for your updated kitchen.

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Benefits of Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets

When considering options for kitchen faucets, homeowners often favor pull-down faucets.  The pull-down kitchen faucet offers a variety of functional and aesthetic benefits compared to other types of faucets, like pull-out or side spray faucets.

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Weinstein Supply Broomall Offers Tips for Updating Your Home to Maximize Resale

All homeowners want to get the most from their homes, and they can accomplish this goal by choosing features and fixtures that improve their lives while living in the home, and that increase value when the time comes to sell the home. To help you get the most from your home sale, experts at Weinstein Supply Broomall kitchen and bath showroom offer tips for updating your home to maximize resale value.

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5 Design Trends to Consider for Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations are often one of the more costly improvement projects you can do to your home. Therefore, you want to make sure your renovation will stand the test of time. To make sure your kitchen renovation is one that you will love for decades, here are some of the top designs to consider for your next kitchen renovation.

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Weinstein Supply Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Broomall, PA

Weinstein Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Broomall is Delaware County’s premier destination for customers looking to design a new bath or kitchen or remodel an existing space. Customers will experience an immersion into the latest styles and innovations from industry leaders in our brand-new, state-of-the-art showroom.

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